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Askar Mambetaliev: Ways of withdrawal of Kyrgyzstan from systemic crisis
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The fact that Kyrgyzstan is a multiethnic country, undeniably positive. However, the successful development of our country is possible only in the presence of one of the following conditions: a) the presence of a strong power in the country and / or b) the existence of a supranational unifying system of values in society.

The absence of one of these conditions, as is evident from the history of Yugoslavia and India [1], lead to the disintegration of the country. Moreover, a comparative term life of the nation in the first condition is shorter than the second. A unifying force of culture is expressed in the diktat of the society of values such as respect for people in the law and to each other. Unfortunately, Kyrgyzstan today lacks both of these conditions. Therefore, we must find ways of creating at least one of them conducive to an early exit from the country's crisis with the least disruption.

Given the above-mentioned problems, this article offers the following thoughts, which are grouped under two headings - the idea of foreign experts on the bailout package and my own observations on a number of other pressing problems in Kyrgyzstan.

1. Ideas of international experts on bailout

1.1. Need to strengthen accountability of Parliament to the people

"I admire the tradition of" kurultai "Kyrgyz people", - wrote Dr. Stan Nyusbaum of Illinois, USA. According to him, for many centuries the Kyrgyz system tried to prevent the abuse of power by the people sitting upstairs. Unfortunately, neither the constitution nor parliament is not able to achieve this. Therefore, we should obyazat each deputy shall kurultai regional (district) level at least once in six months, in order to send ideas kurultai for discussion in parliament. Moreover, the venue kurultae should alternate from region to region [2].

1.2. "We need to attract educated professionals in developed countries, as well as the Soviet Union was a closed society and to achieve the advanced world, failed to reach representatives segodnyaschnego older generation of Kyrgyzstan", - said Daniel Zaretsky, director of "Knowledge without borders." Recent tragic events have shown that it is young people first started assisting the south, and organized a mobile squads to protect the population at a time when the older generation was paralyzed. Necessary to organize a formal association of youth-led board of directors, which may include foreign experts. This movement must engage in educational activities in all regions of the country using internet technologies. Also, education should not be free, otherwise people will not appreciate it. Of course, not all ideas for the West may be applicable for Kyrgyzstan. However, it is proved that the basic principles - the inviolability of private property, minimal government intervention in business, as well as the rule of law - successfully running everywhere, if we use them correctly [3].

1.3. Need to find mechanisms to curb the greed of higher officials

Hank Hohenshtayn from California believes that it is very difficult to Create a Government for which there is no more important desire than the welfare of society. Because, greed, ambition and greed will continue to exist in any society and under any form of government. However, although it is impossible to perfect human nature, we can maximize the arena, where he works.

Maximum curb self-interest promotes the two principles of state formation - the separation of powers and the rule of law. We must share power so that no group was unable to exploit the rest of the citizens, whether majority or minority. A separation of powers can take place not only between the branches, but and / or between levels of government, as well as between regions. Everyone should know that the primary duty of the State - to promote justice, and that officials should be only one purpose - to serve the people. A law should be imposed on everyone without exception, who caught for corruption [4].

1.4. There must be a vision of the region, together with experts

Dr. David Gauzere analyzing the causes and consequences of the Osh tragedy gives examples of Islamic suicide connection with drug trafficking organizations and some government officials, and also specifies the role of poverty that makes people easy prey to the south of religious extremists. Therefore, given the uniqueness of the region, the new government proposed to give some of the ethnic and political privileges of the Uzbek population. Roza Otunbayeva be vyrobatat vision, together with representatives of the new political forces, ideology, open society, NGOs and associations [5].

2. Protecting citizens from destructive ideologies

For example, the American Civil War and ongoing ethnic conflict in India, Turkey, Iraq and Belgium, we can see that inter-ethnic, inter-regional and inter-religious antagonism threatens the integrity of the state. Unfortunately, in Kyrgyzstan, we always just react rather than to prevent conflicts and crises. Therefore, it is time to start making proactive actions of institutions that are able to prepare the country for the impending threats of social and political nature. Need to develop a kind of institution like the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which will deal not natural, but only social problems. Based on the foregoing, there are three areas in which one should pay close attention in the nearest years.

2.1. The problem of regionalism in Kyrgyzstan

Leaving to chance manifestations of regionalism in Kyrgyzstan, especially in the capital, could lead to disintegratsii some regions. The sharp rise of regionalism in the post-Soviet period creates the impression that some forces are interested in the decay of Kyrgyzstan. Due to the alarming growth of this problem in recent years, should be included in the agenda of all social and political action measures conducive to inter-regional peace.

2.2. Problems of nationalism in Kyrgyzstan

You can not unilaterally continue to ignore the issue of giving the Uzbek language identical to the Russian language status. Along with the concerns must be addressed and the positive sides into account the interests of ethnic groups, such as a credit positive for the country in the international community to respect the rights of minorities. Diversity in Kyrgyzstan should be considered cultural capital of the nation. On the other hand, should pay more attention to the development of the Kyrgyz language through investments in various programs.

2.3. Problems of Islamic extremism in Kyrgyzstan.

According to some researchers, most recently the radicals promote not only the idea of the Caliphate, but also gradually replace the Kyrgyz national values and traditions with Islamic requirements that are not very tolerant of pluralism and dangerous polyethnic society. This trend in the minds of young people is particularly increased during the reign of President Bakiev. Today, in the phrase Kyrgyz Muslims first part has a tendency to decrease. Therefore, the country must develop mechanisms to protect the free development of education and culture from the destructive ideologies.

So, in the article were collected ideas, which, in my view, contribute to the development of quality decision-making, which takes into account the desire to maximize the broad categories of citizens of Kyrgyzstan. Ignoring these proposals will lead to unaccountability of the authorities before the people and the growth of destructive attitudes in the country.


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